Soulworx is a culmination of my 23 years of healing work as a Registered Nurse.  I specialized in wound care and was fascinated with how the body is designed to heal despite large gaping wounds. In 2007, I launched Ageless Beauty Skin Clinic and in 2016 it evolved to Skinworx, with a mission of inspiring confidence through better skin.  Since then, I immersed myself in personal growth and development, learning to master my psychology, physiology, productivity, presence, and purpose.  

At this stage of my life (now entering the wonderful years of 50), I continue to refine my purpose and realized that the true essence of my mission is inner healing in order to live a purposeful and fulfilled life.  I have also immersed in my own healing for I was physically abused as a child for 9 years, which then led to unhealthy relationships as an adult.  In seeking help and going through different types of holistic healing modalities such as healing meditation, Qigong, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other forms, I finally found my way home, and home is truly where the heart is.    

I believe my job is to help you heal on a deeper level, on a soul level so that everything else begins to heal, physically and emotionally, and you heal yourself back to the person you were meant to be — healthy, joyful, energized, and revitalized.


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